Exhibition Space & Occasional Club

TROEF emerged from the vibrant artistic collective, ROEM, based in Leiden.

Every month the artists from ROEM will curate and organise a new exhibition.
The curators have total freedom over who and what sort of work will be shown in the TROEF gallery.

Admissions to every exhibition and event are free and accessible for everyone to attend. 

Mail us at info@troefleiden.nl
Or follow us on Instagram @troefleiden

Our space functions as an artistic meeting ground, where different styles and artists can meet and work together.

TROEF offers an opportunity for artists to nurture and refine their vision. Here, new talent has a place to show what they are made of without having to jump through unnecessary hoops or being restricted by nitpicking rules. Stepping into our gallery, one is greeted by the warmth of coffee, tea, and engaging conversations.

The devoted volunteers of Stichting ROEM are always present to offer a hearty welcome and are eager to share their insights and stories about the ongoing exhibition with every visitor that is interested.

Middelstegracht 87 Leiden, the Netherlands